"Mirror, mirror of the gods, who is the fairest of them all?  "You me dear," the mirror said.  "You are the most beautiful of them all, as you come from the froth of the sea."  I personify beauty throughout the ages.  I say beauty is the highest regarded characteristic of all as it gives the most pleasure."


"My name is Apollo.  I am the god of music and light.  I light up the world with music.  Music is like salt on food.  My music is still playing on.  Just set your ear to it and tune in to my music coming down through the ages.  Carry the music on wherever you go and light up the world because the world needs music and light."


"Since I popped from the head of Zeus, I stole his wisdom.  I am the wise one.  I personify wisdom and tranquility.  I am the wisest of all males and females.  My owl will guide you to success."


"I am the god of wine and spirits.  I am the party god.

 My motto is'Drink and be merry.'  

Some people think it means to drink wine.  What I meant was to drink the juice of life and be happy."


"Hermes is my name; or Cupid as the Romans renamed me.  Texting and all forms of communication is my game.  I communicate to the kings and queens, to the gods, lovers and such.  I'm fast on my feet and winged on my sandals."


"We are the muses of life.  We dance and we sing.  We are the beauty of life.  Beauty is the ultimate song and dance."


"I am the god of the seas - all the seas!  I can make the sea calm or create a tsunami.  My hang-up is respect!  Never disrespect me!!"


"They call me Zeus, Dias and Xenos.  I personify leadership and power.  My weapons are many and I use them as I please!"

List of Greeks gods and goddesses

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