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Produced for the Goddess

Our Aphrodite collection boasts of authentic beauty displayed upon garments, canvas and technology-based gifts.

  • Our Apollo collection features 'a masculine Greek perspective' of the Gods.
  • Quality 6 ounce preshrunk cotton apparel
  • Official Anti Microbial certified mouse pads
  • Authorized by Alexander G. Alemis, the master designer of "The Alemis Collection" for Mythology Creations.
  • Framed, ready-to-hang artwork

Greek Gods

Our unique twist of Greek allure and wisdom is sure to awaken all of your senses. 

Limited Edition

Alex Alemis has released a Limited Edition run #/500 8.5"x11" color professional matte prints of Apollo and Aphrodite.  Genuine holographic seal from Mythology Creations.

Greek Muses

Feel the beauty with these fine cotton garments with beautiful Greek Goddess.

Our Apollo Product Line


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